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How do I Activate My Account?

Note: To have your account Activated:

✔ Load your account with any amount you would like to be selling and earn commission / discounts for each sale See Discounts

How do I Pay?

Direct Credit / Instant (Deposit Direct to your Chesco-Pay Account)
✔ We accept payment with Money , payments through Airtel money to be done to phone number : 260975704991.
✔First National Bank Account Name: Chesco-Tech, Account No: 62832298469 .

How do i get my commissions?

Every voucher has a commission or discount. For more info on the commission rates that apply for the different vouchers or products please see the portal Commission Rates
As an Example to help you understand. When u sell Airtel Airtime, for K100 as an example, we deduct amount purchased - (commission % * amount) from your account. That is “100”- (3% of amount sold) = K100 - K3, therefore we deduct K97 from your account mean while u collect K100 from your customer. That means as this example, we sell you the K100 airtime for K97 (Discount).

What do I do after Payment?

✔ Your account will be activated / loaded with credit within 10 min's of making payment and you will receive an SMS notification of the transaction.
✔ If account not loaded with credit in 10 min, send your payment details to 260975704991 via whats up, or email: support@chesco-tech.com.

How do I report my queries?

✔ Call or whats up support on 260975704991.
✔ Email: support@chesco-tech.com

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